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A Co-Creative Experience

From our Garden Dreamwalk, we can co-create together and determine where you wish to focus your attention first by identifying distinct areas of your garden as garden rooms, defining what you would like to use them for, and assigning them a theme.


These might include, an outdoor space for entertaining and dining, a meditation garden, children's secret garden, bouquet cutting garden, kitchen herb and edible flower garden, rock garden with wildflowers, native grasses and a dry stream bed, wildlife and pollinator's garden, an outdoor work space or your animal companions’ play space. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. We can create whatever speaks to you.

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As I have found I excel in working with what already exists, I have been successful in creating lovely changes in established garden environments without an immediate or extensive introduction of new planting materials.

Simply cleaning the garden rooms by raking, sweeping, pruning and moving beloved and practical objects into new spatial relationships, creates immense change. This simple process can bring freshness and energy to any outdoor or indoor space. It also sparks the imagination and births new ideas.

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Once objects and plantings are in order and in balance, new elements can be added to the composition as season and budget will allow.
Transforming garden spaces in smaller segments by reshaping and rearranging an existing area and working with elements already there, whether plant material, furniture or garden art, can be a wonderful way to begin your new garden journey.
This is especially true if one has a limited budget initially, but is planning for more long range improvements.

Depending upon what is desired and what kind of budget you have in mind, we may wish to begin with a clean slate in order to implement an entirely new design.


This can be accomplished by removing old plantings including planting beds, lawns and paths to transform the garden spaces completely. 

Or we may choose to keep key elements and plantings that already exist, and integrate or transplant them elsewhere onto the property to accommodate a new design.

If yours is a newly constructed home or a home with little or no landscaping, this may be the place you wish to begin.


Most often, I work room by room, cleaning and balancing, refreshing and replenishing, beginning with the areas of the garden most desired or lived in.


This way, as one room of your garden is transformed, you can enjoy it while envisioning and planning for possibilities in other areas. Much like decorating a house one room at a time.


It is a very organic process, and I have found it to be a much less stressful way for my clients to have their gardens transformed.


Together, we can discover ways to shape and enhance your garden rooms, to envision and integrate new designs, bringing your garden dreams into being in a manner you can afford and enjoy.

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