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Re-Imagining Your Garden


Imagine a walk together through the property in and around your home, talking and dreaming your new garden into being amidst what already exists there. This is what I like to call a Garden Dreamwalk

Through our conversation, we can discover what you already have in mind, what you have always loved about gardens, and what you may now wish to experience in your own.

Perhaps yours is an acre of woodland, a stretch of lawn, a patch of earth, a broad deck, a small patio or even a sun porch.


Wherever your garden resides for you, we can dream it into being.

Did you have a favorite plant in your garden growing up? Was it fragrant?  What was the color of its bloom?

Would you wish to brush past a bed of these on your way to and from your door, releasing sweet fragrance and rekindling happy memories?  

These little details, perhaps nearly forgotten, can inspire me to create something unique and meaningful just for you, in a design that will suit your personal garden needs and dreams.

Whatever finds expression in our garden dreamwalk conversation can be our place to begin, proceeding at a comfortable pace for your budget and your lifestyle.

View from the Garden Arch.JPG
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